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King Post Truss

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This review appeared in the May-June 1993 issue of "Garden Railways" and was written by Marc Horovitz

Lone Star's small King Post Truss bridge is not an exact scale model, but is patterned after a standard gauge bridge that is still in use on the B&O Railroad. In configuration the bridge is faithful to its type. The model is constructed almost entirely of mahogany and the surface finish is excellent. Joinery work is top notch, which is almost a pity, as it will not be fully appreciated when installed in the garden. The bridge even has a pleasant smell about it.

All connections are mechanical, reinforced with glue. Metal parts, including nut/bolt/washer and apex castings from Bob Hartford, and brass truss rods are chemically blackened. Ties on the bridge are spaced so that the ties on a section of LGB track can be dropped between them.

All timber ends are perfectly square, and all brad or screw holes, with the exception of those on the upper deck, have been filled with matching filler. The structure has been hand rubbed with marine grade teak oil. Abutments must be provided by the owner. The bridge
measures: 17.65" long x 8" wide x 8.25" high. This bridge is made to the exceptionally high standards that we have come to expect from Lone Star.

This review appeared in the October/November 1993 issue of "Outdoor Railroader" and was written by Russ Reinberg

Unlike his last model of the D&RG's Hermosa Creek Howe Truss, Lone Star Bridge's owner, Mark Smith, has chosen a freelance design for the new king post truss bridge. His idea was to produce a relatively in- expensive, typical small narrow gauge bridge following a standard gauge B&O prototype and using scale size components; after all, many layouts only have room for small models. As usual, Mark has succeeded admirably.

The king post truss lives up to Lone Star's ongoing level of perfection. The model's primary material is very high grade mahogany with a rich, satin, impregnated, weather resistant finish. The white metal and brass hardware has a satin black paint finish. The sole exception is Lone Star's trademark polished brass star.

The excellent nut/bolt/washer castings are crisp. The only other metal parts, the truss rods and triangular reinforcements at the top of the "A", are of equal quality. Every aspect of the work- manship is topnotch. Perfect countersinking where appropriate, virtually seamless wood-to-wood joints, every corner square and clean, each piece mating precisely with every other, the end of every timber exhibiting no splintering, rough grain, or fuzz. Everything is perfectly smooth and the finish  of the wood surfaces would be as appropriate to top quality furniture as to a museum model. Lone Star even putties every nail or pin hole flush with the wood surface so it is impossible to detect a filling by touch and difficult to find with the eye. The glue joints are invisible and the bridge is strong and very weather resistant.

As we have pointed out numerous times, even the custom foam packaging to protect the model during shipment is a work of art. Also, as we have mentioned previously the perfection of Lone Star's work is obnoxious; it leaves no room for criticism. Any review of a Lone Star bridge sounds as though Mark paid us off or as though we have lost our touch for being picky. But neither is the case. In fact, we'll even have to return our review sample by the 10 of September. It's just that Lone Star does an amazingly excellent job. The bridge is exactly 17.65" long, 8" across at the widest point, and 8.25" tall at the apex of the "A".

An LGB track section will drop right into place on the deck because of its widely spaced ties but, if you prefer, Mark can build up the deck with accurate scale spacing. Time and again we have pointed out Lone Star's prices seem fair considering the time it would take to build such a bridge to reasonable standards let alone to Mark's disgustingly high standards. Few of us could match Mark's precision no matter how long we worked. In this case, the bridge  seems almost a steal. So, on the bottom line, if you like the bridge and have the cash, buy it. The little gem is utterly splendid.

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